How can I measure funnel with varies funnel steps?

  • 14 October 2019
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Hey guys,

There is a way to enter the information needed for the first step of the booking funnel on the landing page header, but there is also an option on the bottom of the page to enter that same information on a seperate page.

For example:

Option 1

  1. Home page (enter address)
  2. Sign up
  3. Checkout

Option 2

  1. Home page
  2. Location (enter address)
  3. Sign up
  4. Checkout

I want to measure results based on either funnel steps, so I can track funnel steps for either flow. I'd rather follow Option 1 to get funnel results and skip the Location page. Thanks.

6 replies

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Hey there @arshia93, I think the best Funnel depends on what your users can do in your platform.

Since it sounds like there are multiple ways of finishing your Funnel to the Checkout event, it might be best to capture both Funnels at the moment. This can help you see trends of which Funnel is having higher conversion rates within your users. It can also help you decide whether you can improve your user experience by seeing which Funnel is out performing the other (maybe one flow is easier to use than another?).

Not sure if you saw this already, but I thought I share their documentation on Funnels - they have been really helpful for me!

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Hi Sarah, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm actually asking, how can I create this type of funnel to track both funnels in one?

I want my funnel process to be captured under one metric in my dashboard. I'm not looking to compare funnels at the moment. Thanks!

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@arshia93 I see!

It sounds like both Funnel options look about the same beside the Home Page and Location steps. Since it sounds like the Location event might be an optional step to take in your Funnel, maybe creating a custom event to look for users who did Event A (Home Page) OR Event B (Location) can be use for your first step in your Funnel, and the last steps in the Funnel can be Sign up -> Checkout.

The other way I can think of is what I mentioned earlier and it is creating multiple Funnels. Option 1 Funnel and Option 2 Funnel and cross referencing them.

I also saw that they have Any Order Funnel, but this might be different from what you are looking for being that users can do any order of steps. So it can be Home Page before Location steps (or vice versa) and then go on to do the last steps of Sign up -> Checkout.

Hope this helps you!

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@sarah.horton thanks for getting back to me. I'm not sure if that first step is going to work because, either funnel path consists of home page. I can't create Event A (Home Page) OR Event B (Location), because nobody starts on Location without going to Home page first. This would look like:

  1. Home page (enter address)
  2. Sign up OR Location
  3. Sign up
  4. Checkout

This seems odd for obvious reasons, maybe I'm not getting the suggestion you made? If I'm correct and this suggestion won't work, I'd love to hear more about that could solve my problem. I'm not sure I understand :/

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@arshia93 does seem odd. It seems like being able to create one funnel to track both funnels in one is not possible for your use case. 😞 the best route would be to save both Funnels and add them to your Dashboard to see side by side.

Being that this is something Mixpanel does not offer, I also think it is worth posting an Idea for this feature for them to consider building.

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@sarah.horton @arshia93 I have gone ahead and logged a product gap on your behalf in our Ideas section here, with our Engineering and Product Development team.

Make sure you are following the Idea here - via the Follow button in the right hand column - to get emailed updates on its progress.