How can I find a user by alias?

  • 8 December 2021
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How can I find a user by an alias that was applied to him at signup?  We currently only track user activity up until the signup, and then we stop.  As a result (at least, based on the documentation I could find at the time) we are never calling identify.  Instead, we are only calling alias following signup.  So the users in mixpanel all have their MP-provided distinct ID and an alias.  I would like to find a user by alias, since we do not store the MP distinct id in our datastore.

I cannot find a way in the MP UI to search for a user given a known alias -- only distinct id, which I do not have.

Is this possible, even if it requires the use of JQL or something?


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2 replies

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In the Users page you can add the row of the alias to the table and then use the search. Another alternative is to use the users filter


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I tried that, and it did not work.

Am I correct that in the following screenshot, the highlighted area is an alias for this user?


If so, then I don’t think your search is working or that the data is quite correct.  When I add the alias column to the table, every row has the value “undefined” for the alias.  When I add this as a filter:

I get zero results.

However, I know that we are aliasing the user when they complete the signup process.