how can i extract MTU user profile ?

  • 16 November 2020
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Hi guys,

is it possible to extract the MTU users profile?

(hopefully to some csv)

4 replies

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Hi Danielverman,


Did you mean to extract the users on the Explore page? If so, you can do so at the overflow menu here:


You can choose the user properties you want to download using this menu selection here:


Or did you mean to download the activity of a single user like in this image below? If so, that’s not currently possible. Could I understand your use case?


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thanks @Peishan,

but my intention was to find and identify the users profile that count as Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs).
than to do some basic analyziz on that if it by mixpanel tools like analysis/jql or to download it to a csv.

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Got you. Generally, this query will yield you the users who would count towards your MTU. If you want to be more precise, you can filter out these excluded events.


But what kind of analyses are you thinking of doing with these users? You could use the Insights report to see the top events that they do - either by total, or average per user. 

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To follow up, we do have an API that you can use to pull out a user’s activity, if that is also what you’re looking for: