Has anyone successfully connected to Mixpanel data from the Tableau Desktop before?

  • 13 February 2019
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Tableau doesn't support Mixpanel natively, is there anything from the Mixpanel side that can help or we should use some other workarounds?


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In my personal experience, Tableau doesn't handle live connections with 3rd party apps so well. When you add too much detail into your analysis, the data loading becomes expensive and Tableau crashes.

An alternative would be get Mixpanel data using the API and loading it into a database, then use Tableau to query the database with SQL.


Direct connectors don't usually work well in Tableau. Here are the steps I would follow:

Little Coding | Quick Prototype

1) Export Data through the mixpanel export API

2) Read the JSON file on Tableau

This is the easiest implementation that you can get done in under half an hour. The obvious downside is that you can't analyse mixpanel data in realtime. However, this method is great for prototyping and getting a feel visualizing your mixpanel data on Tableau.

If you are satisfied and wish to keep your Tableau|Mixpanel data updated in realtime, I'd look into implementing a data warehouse.

A few good products are available that can do the ETL jobs for you with minimum coding: Look into Stitch Data or Segment.

Hope this helps.

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This is worth trying. Will provide feedback after an attempt.

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@stantyan we let you export your data to a blob store or datawarehouses which you can then hook upto your Tableau. would that be helpful?