Grouping relative to each other

  • 5 June 2020
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I want to see, per month, how many users that did a session signed up in this month, and how many signed up in previous months.


I can do a breakdown of registration month (user created), but that does not cut the group into these 2 specific dimensions:


What I want is:

June: 15% users that signed up in June, 85% users signed up before June

May: 25% user signed up in May, 75% user signed up before May


I can make a custom group for each month but that would not allow me to show it all in 1 overview month of month. Is there a way I can make custom dimension that says: If month of event (in this case session) is same as user creation = Yes, if not the same = No.

1 reply

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I solved it, but I must believe there must a cleaner, more future proof way of doing this.

What I tried first was a custom prop that needs to determines of the account created data and event data are the same:

This returns everything false because both timestamps are really specific, so unless some does the event om the exact same second as registration, they will all be false.


So what I did next is to extract the month out of the event and signups:




Now they are both a brought back to the same kind of metric i do do this:


And this works. However, as you can see, for this to keep working I would need to add all future months to both the Event and Account custom month property. While this is doable and I can now set this up for the next 3 years or so. It would be nice if there as a more generic way of getting these 2 metric to match.