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  • 24 April 2021
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Hello. Our product allows users to create multiple design projects and then work on these projects. 

We define active users as those who have added a certain number (let’s say 3) objects into their project. 

We are capturing the “add object” event in Mixpanel, and sending the project ID as a property. 

My question is: Is there a way of grouping by Project ID in my queries?

For instance, finding all users who have added 3 objects to a single project?

Or creating a funnel, where the last step is adding three objects to the same project? 


I am aware of the Grouping add-on but I’m not sure that is built for this use case. 

thanks 🙏 

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Hello @jameslewis , Assuming the project id is unique to a user. One way could be that we can simply breakdown by project id for “add object” event. The count would show how many objects were added for that product id. 

next export as csv and simply count product ids >= 3. 

We can also further breakdown report by userid/email and then export to get the exact users count.