Funnel show more conversions than possible

  • 4 December 2020
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I have 3 ways for users to sign-up with my service (they can sign-up manually, by Facebook or by email). However, I can’t see which option is the most common because it seems that if a users clicks on Facebook and then goes back in the flow and selects email sign-up I will get data showing that 1 user converted with Facebook and 1 with email, even tough he/she actually only converted by using e.mail. (at least this is my suspicion to what is happening).


  1. Am I right in my suspicion?
  2. How can track this in a better way?
In above funnel I can count 6 conversions in total (2 per sign-up option) but actually I have 4 conversions in total.


2 replies

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Hi @olaastrand —

It looks like you are using a comparison step in your funnel, can you confirm this is the case?

My suggestion would be to change your funnel from Totals to Unique, so that it takes the first conversion into account. 

The reason for this is because when looking at totals, we start counting at different moments for each path, depending on if users convert or not.

Consider if the funnel was A -> (B or C)and the users events were:

This would show up as:
A -> B: 2 -> 2
A -> C: 1 -> 1

It’s the same behavior as if you created two different funnels reports with

  1. A -> B
  2. A -> C


I’d love to hear if you found a different way to address this issue!

Thank you @cherise,

I can confirm that I am using a comparison step in my funnel. You can see it below. My aim is to measure which path the users take to step no 4. But it seems like if the click 3a and then go back in the flow and klick 3b and then complete step 4 it will look in my data as if a registration happened with both 3a and 3b (event though I am measuring unique and in specific order). Is this even possible or am I misinterpreting or making a mistake somewhere along the line?