Funnel seems to be missing users even though I can see all the events under the user.

  • 29 September 2020
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I’ve been having issues with my funnel. If I look at my user I can see them going from the 1st to the last step in my funnel but when I check the funnel, some of the users don’t make it from the 1st step to the second. To be clear, if I click on the user, I can see them moving from the 1st to 2nd step.

The first step is pre-auth so an identity call follows. If I get rid of this first step, I can then see all my users in the funnel.

I hope this makes sense!

1 reply

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Hey @ChrisM


I would have said that it sounds like a classic identity management situation, except you mentioned that the user’s profile shows both events in the activity feed in their profile — can you confirm this is right?

That suggests to me that the identity management is consistent (ie the $distinct_id is the same for both events). 

So I’d be curious what your settings are for the funnel and if there is anything that is filtering these users out.

The first things I would check are:

  • What is your time to convert
    • If your time to convert is too short, then users would not have a chance to qualify for the second event according to the particular funnel
  • Are you requiring properties to remain constant?
    • If you are holding a property constant that is not sent with both events, then you may see an unexpected drop-off
  • Is there a filter for your first event?
    • There may be an additional filter on your first event that eliminates users from the second event
  • What are the dates of your funnel?
    • Can you confirm that the dates are correct?

I’d be curious to see what is going on here, so please report back if you’ve resolved this issue or if you are still stuck on this funnel.