Extract (only) hour from Date

  • 3 August 2020
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How would I use regex/custom fields to extract only the hour portion of a date value?

So for example if I want to group by the 9am, 10am hours rather than Mixpanel’s default behavior with the ‘hour’ selector of grouping by hour AND day, how would I do this?

Thanks in advance


3 replies

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Would the following work for you? See example here:



And let’s say you wanted to exclude certain hours from the report, you can just click on any of the bar to exclude them:


Hope that helps!

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@Peishan  is ‘hour of day’ new? Yes that should work! Now, how would one use just the hour portion in custom properties (e.g. to create custom ranges based on a combination of date.hour, and ‘Timezone’ (America/New York)? 


Essentially I’d like to breakdown certain events by the quarters of the day our users execute them e.g.

4am-10am “Morning”

10am-4pm “Mid Day”

4pm-10pm “Evening”

10pm-4am “Late Night"

But to do this, I need to set ranges based on the Date.hour and some adjustments based on project time (Mountain time) and the timezone of the user.

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Hi Adam,


To extract the hour in custom properties, you can use the formula REGEX_EXTRACT.

Try something like this: REGEX_EXTRACT(string(DATE), “([0-9]+):[0-9]+:[0-9]+“,1) to get your hours, then you can create IFs conditions to group your hours together.

More details about custom properties here: