Export API pagination by property

  • 1 December 2021
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When pulling data through the export API ( Is there a way to “paginate” or split requests into smaller parts in a more granular way than using from_date/to_date (which is date-based and not time). 

To illustrate the problem a possible solution would be to set a “limit” on x records per request, pick up the “time” property of the last record, and use that in a subsequent request by setting the “where” parameter in the query to “properties["time"] > 1633097220” or similar (given that results are returned sorted by “time”).

Problem is I don’t seem to be able to use “time” in this fashion (although it is returned in each event). I can use a where clause for other event properties in this way, but it seems as if it doesn’t work for “time”.

  • Can “time” be used in the manner I am trying?
  • Or is there another/better/preferred way to solve this use case?

Another unrelated thing I noticed is that there seems to be an undocumented hard limit on the “limit” parameter set to 100000, any larger value would render a “400 Bad Request”. Omitting the “limit” parameter would still return all records, exceeding 100000 if needed.



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