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  • 13 October 2020
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Hi I want to download list of something that is a property of an event, say images linked to image uploaded. in insight i can only see the aggregated data so i’m using the breakdown by image to get the list of image. now the issues that i’m facing are:

  1. there seems to be a 10k row limit in mixpanel downloads.
  2. even if the number is less than 10k, the number shown in aggregated data is always higher from the number of rows in the downloaded file.
  3. the rows in breakdown seems to be filtered. for example when i’m using 2 step breakdown, 1- image 2- feedback, as soon as the number of images starting to increase (even if not crossing 10k) the rows seems to get filtered by only showing positive feedback. this is just an example. the rows are getting filtered for so many cases.

please help me as to how to solve it.


1 reply

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I confirmed that you were working with out support team on this question, but in case anyone else is facing a similar scenario I wanted to pass the information along:

The limitation on exports is there to help keep the interface performant, that said, there are a few options to help you use this feature:

  • In the Insights report, 1 breakdown has a limit of 10K cardinality (a maximum of 10k rows returned in the result) and the cardinality limit will get lower and lower with more breakdowns added - this will cause fewer rows to render in the result. However, it avoids performance issues such as longer loading time or potential crash in the browser. 

If you are able to filter your data into sections, this would help offset the 10k limit.