Data warehouse Export API shows error "a pipeline with the same configuation already exists". Can I get existing pipeline deleted and create a new pipeline

  • 1 April 2019
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I created a pipeline for AWS Redshift initially. But, I cancelled it due to some wrong configurations.

But, now I am not able to create a new pipeline with correct configuration.

It shows the below error.

{"Error":"a pipeline with the same configuation already exists"}.

Can someone help me delete the current pipeline and allow me to create a new pipeline?

Thank you.


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Hey @hanselujm, Andrea from Mixpanel Community Team here. The trial version of the DWE API only allows you to create one pipeline per project. Canceling the pipeline doesn't solve this, since you've technically already used your one pipeline.

I believe our DWE Team has reached out, please refer to that email for the steps moving forward.