Data model/schema for data from Mixpanel to DOMO

  • 24 August 2020
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I’m trying to export data from Mixpanel into DOMO  using DOMO’s Mixpanel connctor to do some custom analysis. Looks like the connector uses Mixpanel 2.0 API

The data format seems somewhat new/strange to me, so thought I’d check here. There seem to be some 17 data sets delivered in the form of “Reports”, but the relational nature of the data sets 

Just wanted to check if there’s been any discussion/advice previously on understanding the data model? I wonder if the data is stored in the “STAR” format. I’m unable to run the “Raw Data” table request as the data seems too large (even for one day, tried other filters like “by customer” etc.- still doesn’t seem to work)

Any advice on how to interpret the data model/schema would be greatly appreciated. 


1 reply

Correction- I meant the “ …. relational nature of the data sets doesn’t seem clear to me.” Thanks again!