Dashboard and Mixpanel Web App Pages cannot be iframed into ScreenCloud-like Kiosk solutions.

  • 6 June 2019
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We have 15 TVs up across our product and engineering floor. There are a variety of things we display using an enterprise kiosk application. We would like to be able to display Mixpanel dashboard (URLs) within this kiosk web page rotator. There is no way to do it today because mixpanel cannot be iframed.

If I step back, I need a way to display pages of Mixpanel derrived dasboards, in between other pages of analytics from other tools, via a remotely managed tool for TV Kiosks across a 500 person office. There are many such tools, but Mixpanel does not play nicely with them, or have an app for doing this.


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Hi @jlegault, Stephanie here from the Community Team!

This is a great question! I can totally understand your interest to have the reports available in another UI. Unfortunately, there isn't a currently supported method to embed Mixpanel's default reports in another platform. As a slight workaround, you could retrieve formatted data for your reports using our API endpoints as described in the article at this link. Using HTML and CSS you could present the data returned in a table or chart of your choosing.

I think this is a great feedback on our Dashboards! Mind posting this in the ideas section (rather than Q&A) so that it can get some votes from the community and better visibility from our product team? Adding more details on what exactly you would like and the topic tag of "Dashboards" or "iFrame" might also help for better search-ability.