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I created a small cohort to test syncing into OneSignal. The cohort has 3 users, but none of them are getting synced to OneSignal. What am I missing?





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Hi there,

You’ll want to make sure you have the $onesignal_user_id as a user property.  You can read more about it here.


@ian Can I somehow set $onesignal_user_id automatically, for every user? 


My use case is moving from deprecated Mixpanel Messages to OneSignal. I don’t have/want OneSignal integration in all my projects, I just want to use them as a messages provider. So, ideally, I’d want all Mixpanel profiles to be synced to OneSignal automatically.

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@zupo When using the calls (people.set) here, that should be setting the $onesignal_user_id on your users whether you’re using the External User Id or the Player Id.

Additionally, if you have these ID’s from One Signal exported out and know where to match it in Mixpanel, these properties can be imported in as well but the above link is to programmatically automate it.


That is the thing: we don’t use OneSignal’s SDK, we don’t have any users in OneSignal. I want to export users from Mixpanel to OneSignal.


This is how Mixpanel to Mailchimp integration works. You export a cohort from Mixpanel to create users in Mailchimp. I’d like to understand if the OneSignal integration can be configured to work the same way.

I find it awful to work with projects that suddenly break due to dependencies being updated with breaking changes. When communicating with clients using such platforms, it is very important to have the right headline and welcome phrase. When I was building my chatbot, I used to create the best title and grab the customer's attention right away. You can try to either specify one single version for users to use or at least limit it to [0.12.4, 0.12.99] and keep the 0.12 version without breaking changes like these.


Did you get any more clarity on this?
I’m in the same situation. Not using OneSignal SDK and just want to replace Mixpanel Messages for email.

From what I gathered, I would need to add a $onesignal_user_id to all mixpanel records to allow Cohorts to sync, and the user profiles needs to be imported to OneSignal separately.

That’s wasn’t the initial impression I got with the marketing material and sounds like a bunch of unnecessary work.

Hey @me1947!  TL;DR: there is no drop-in replacement for Messages, all “official” alternatives suck. Go with

It took me over 7 months to find a replacement for Messages. I contacted all services that Mixpanel suggested, went on calls, etc. Most of them don’t even have a public pricing page, and their minimum yearly contract is 10k, which was far more than we were paying for the whole of Mixpanel, not just Messages.

The only two were OneSignal and Mailchimp. OneSignal does not work without you fully integrating their SDK into your codebase, making sure IDs are synced between Mixpanel and OneSignal, which is not trivial. Pricing is again steep, we would pay 2x more for OneSignal than we pay for Mixpanel. 

Mailchimp sorta worked fine, but they need several hours to add a new contact to their list from Mixpanel. So our “Welcome” emails were being delivered hours after people joined. Far, far too late. 

What followed was going the route, i.e. putting something in front of Mixpanel, to then have more messaging services to choose from. But just reeks of predatory VC pricing models, for example, they will gladly charge for bot traffic that they could trivially filter out, but don’t, so they can charge you more. Mixpanel, on the other hand, filters bot traffic. Price was again an issue, Segment would cost about the same as Mixpanel, and then we would have to pay for the actual additional messaging platform that Segment would connect to.

In the end, we settled on Very happy with it. We integrated their SDK manually, besides Mixpanel SDK integration, instead of using in front. This gives us even better control for merging identities and handling corner cases. In the end, I’m happy with where we are now, has a fantastic email workflow designer!

Thank you @zupo. Very validating!

I’m working on migrating to Mailchimp now. The welcome email won’t be an issue with us, since we send it directly from our backend upon account creation. It’s the life-cycle email marketing that we are interested in.

Thanks for the recommendation for Will look into them if we find Mailchimp doesn’t suit our needs. (We actually looked into them back in 2012 before choosing mixpanel Messages!)

Side note about It seems that mixpanel is now positioned to compete with them, since mixpanel now has all these integrations, which they didn’t have when Segment started (to the best of my recollection)

Thanks for the suggestions.

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