can’t download all users using APi

  • 9 May 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi! Our team wants to connect to Mixpanel and download all users data.


We receive full data per each user, and it is ok, but Mixpanel didn't let us to download all users, is there some limit?


Do we need to purchase an additional plan? We’re not on a free plan now.



1 reply


Hi Ivan,


Eric here from Mixpanel Support, thanks for writing in. I'd be happy to help. First off, thanks for bringing this up as I’m sure others might be asking the same question.


Usually, you can download users through the Mixpanel UI through our Explore reports either through PDF, PNG, or CSV. However, it might depend on what plan you have on whether you are able to use these features. Some customers on our legacy plans might not able to see the export buttons as seen in the screenshot below. This would probably signal that your current plan does not have access to download the users this way.



When you are downloading your users through the API, do you know if the number matches the number of profiles you have? The reason I ask this is because the API might be returning only your profiles (distinct_ids with people properties set) versus all your users (distinct_ids with and without people properties set). I know this can be confusing at first, so I put some links to documentation to differentiate the two concepts.


For example, if you write a JQL report in your project like the one below, this would return a CSV export of the profiles in your project - not the users. Likewise, if you are using the API Module to export people, you might run into the same case.


If you are looking to download all your users (not just profiles), then I would reach out to either Support or your account manager to see if you could upgrade your plan to be able to export all users. I hope that helps as I tried to cover a range of options for you.



Eric =)