API Call via ADF Pipeline

  • 29 March 2021
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I am trying to build an ADF pipeline that calls the Mixpanel Rest API endpoint to export data to a table I created in Azure DB. I have come across an issue of authentication, where I can not authenticate the call that ADF is making, even though the dataset I have built is able to connect to the API endpoints without issue. When I run the pipeline, it quickly errors out. Has anyone been able to connect to the API via ADF? And if so, do you have a procedure that would be best to follow?

1 reply

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Hi Justin! I know you are working with David now to resolve this issue but just wanted to post a summary of findings here in case any future Mixpanel user runs into a similar issue.


To set up an ADF Pipeline you will need to edit permissions in your Azure DB to allow Mixpanel to write to Azure Blob Storage. You can follow the steps in our Azure Blob Storage Pipelines doc which guide you through how to create a Service Principal to allow cross-account access. 

Once you have successfully edited permissions to allow Mixpanel to write to your Azure instance you can then create the pipeline. You can utilize our Create Pipelines doc which will create a request to hit our “nessie/pipeline/create” endpoint. You can also copy the request from the dev doc to make the request externally.

To authenticate you can do so by clicking the icon of a person next to the ‘Send’ button and entering your projects API Secret as seen in the image below. To obtain your project’s API Secret you would obtain that by navigating to your Personal Settings by clicking the Gear icon in the top right while in the Mixpanel UI and then selecting your name. In the Projects tab you can find the API Secret. This will add an authorization header to your request when you enter it into the field in the image.