Accessing user_properties directly from Funnel report

  • 26 July 2020
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As an example- can the below event (User shared) be connected to the specific user_properties of that user-group so that I can double-click the last stage of the funnel to see all the user_properties of the users who reached the end of funnel?



4 replies

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Hi @barG 


You can’t *exactly* replicate that functionality within the Funnel, but what you can do is click on the final funnel step and “Create Cohort” for the users who reach that stage. That cohort will then be added to your list in the Users > Cohorts page in your project, and will be updated with users as soon as they make it through your funnel.


You can also run analysis on those specific users by viewing them in Explore, and see the properties that they share.


I hope that helps.


Thanks Matt,


what you can do is click on the final funnel step and “Create Cohort”


I couldn’t easily find ‘Create Cohort’ when clicking funnel step in my UI- Is there a good online resource you can refer me to?


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hey @barG 


At each step in the funnel (after step 1) you can click on either the users who dropped off (shaded blue) or the users who converted (solid blue) and select “Create Cohort”


You need to be in the full Funnels report and not looking at the report on a dashboard, but it will be possible to create the Cohorts that you need.


Thanks a lot,


Hidden in plain sight!

Thanks again Matt :)