Mixpanel's New Dashboard Experience

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Mixpanel's New Dashboard Experience

We’re thrilled to announce Mixpanel’s new Dashboard experience, a critical step in modernizing the way people use product analytics and increasing the value they extract from it. By reimagining Dashboards, we’ve made Mixpanel faster, more collaborative, and easier to use. With this new experience, you’ll notice:

Common workflows are faster: Saving a report and adding it to a dashboard, for example, now requires half as many clicks.

Existing reports are easier to find: Reports are always saved to dashboards, creating a folder-like system for your work. Now, when you save a report, you'll know exactly where to find it.

Sharing content is simpler: Sharing and Permissions are set at the dashboard level, so all reports on a dashboard have the same settings. This makes sharing analyses with your team a breeze.

Like what you see? Read more on our blog, The Signal, to learn why this new experience signifies a foundational restructuring of how people use Mixpanel—both individually and collaboratively.

You can also check out our detailed help doc to walk you through exactly what these changes entail and how to use them effectively.

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