"First Time" Filters

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  • 2 November 2020
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"First Time" Filters

Better understand the behavior of new users so you can improve the onboarding experience, make your product more user friendly, and speed up user activation. With Mixpanel’s 1st time filters you can easily answer questions like:

  • What percent of users come back to watch another video after viewing a video for the first time ever?
  • How quickly do users purchase a paid plan after finishing their first ever course?
  • What do users do after viewing a job listing for the first time?

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Hi team, the first time filter is a very useful feature. One concern I’ve picked up is that the unique and total count for first time ever events are not always the same. Digging into it I’ve seen that all events with the same timestamp as the first event are recorded under ‘Total’ for first time event. This happened in a minority of cases, likely due to Segment resending events after receiving a failed response.