New User Implementation Workshop (August 26, 2021) Content extravaganza!

  • 27 August 2021
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 Hi all -- so good to have everyone out live for our second New User Implementation Session this month! We covered lots of ground, and the recorded session is here. Watch, rewatch, and share with anyone who will find it helpful! 



By special request, we have a number of other good resources you guys wanted handy: 

Funnels How-to Guides for learning top of funnel, bottom of funnel, conversion, and all the good information on measuring success

Dev Docs, especially Client Side vs. Server Side implementation, .CSV upload, and Segment CDP 

Guide to Product Analytics -- thought leadership for PMs and Marketers across industries


Attached is the PDF doc of the slides from our session. We’ve got lots of good stuff inside: 


Please take our survey to help us keep improving! 



Questions during the workshop: 

How do you determine a distinct ID across different business orgs to identify the same user / individual?

Here’s where I would start with learning more about Distinct IDs


Do event properties need to be created each event? Can there be a pool of properties you can assign?


Pooled properties might be best closely realized by using Super Properties in Mixpanel. Learn more here. 


What are some examples of custom properties?

Custom properties are laid out in detail here

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