Why aren't emails distinct fields in mixpanel

  • 9 May 2019
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I have multiple users with the same email in Mixpanel. Also, can you clarify the difference between thse fields:

Email, $email, or email (are they same field?

1 reply

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Hi @patrick_iflipd! I've experienced this problem before, it sounds like there might be some Identity Management issues in your implementation. I am curious to know how are your Alias and Identify calls are set up in your implementation? I believe it is best practice to set alias once when a user is creating and account and Identify when a user logs back into your application. This course was really helpful to me when I began setting up my implementation

In regards to your question about the difference in Email, $email, and email properties. Could the lower case email be something additional you are setting up aside from the two mentioned before? From my understanding $email is a reserved or special people property from Mixpanel that you can set in your implementation, explained here When you look inside of a User Profile, under the Properties section on the left, it will show up as Email but in code it is set as $email.

Hope this helps you out!