where is email functionality

  • 13 August 2020
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Hi, kind of newbie.  I am trying to test email notifications. Send an email once a day, but i cant find in the ui of mixpanel where this may be at. I saw a setting for twilio account but i dont think is what i am looking for. Do i need to upgrade to professional ?


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4 replies

Hey, same question here.
I saw the section on some screenshots from tutorials or other members of the community.

I also saw here it could dissapear from time to time:


Any admin to explain what’s going on?

Hi, Same issue. Messages has entirely disappeared from my account :/

100% the same. Have used MixPanel for years. Messages has disappeared from the product.

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Hi Everyone —

This was removed from your project as an error on our side, which is why you were unable to find it — I am so sorry that this happened to all of you!

I personally went into each of your orgs to make sure that this is showing in your project. If you are still unable to see this section please let me know (and DM me the project ID that you are working in). In the case that you are members of more than one org I may have missed it.


Thank you so much for raising this concern and please let me know if you run into any other issues!