Webhooks, campaigns and JQL

  • 1 February 2019
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1) Is it possible to retrieve campaign (webhook) list through API / JQL?

2) If webhook is created:

a) will only new users that meet campaign criteria be POST'ed to specified endpoint


b) new users and users that have already met criteria upon the campaign creation will be POST'ed to specified endpoint

If b) is not true, how is it possible to achieve that through JQL (to achieve the below)?

1) Get campaign list through API / JQL.

2) Export users meeting that campaign criteria (without specifying campaign criteria OR getting campaign criteria through API / JQL)

3) Keep getting new users that meet campaign criteria by having Webhook setup. (this part is clear)

Thank you in advance.

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1) I havent been able to find an API that would allow you to get a list of messages being sent. You might be able to use JQL to get list of Message Sent events where the message type is webook or something like that.

2) For the sending the webhooks, all users who qualify for the webhook at the time it was created will be POST'ed. Existing users will be POST'ed if they qualify and then as new users qualify they will be POST'ed at the scheduled time of the message. Users that may have qualified at one point in time but do not at the time the webhook is created will not be POST'ed (unless the do some action to qualify again).

Hope this helps!