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  • 17 September 2020
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Hi am trying to send a web in-app message from mixpanel. I have two issues. 


I don’t want the message to be displayed right in the center. Is it possible to change the position of the message? 

Second - After an event is triggered I want to increase the time of showing the message, right now it happens within 60 seconds. Anyway to do it more than that? 

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@shikha —

To change the positioning of your message, you would need to change the CSS within your app, to designate where the message is shown, but this is not something that can be done from the Mixpanel SDK.

We don't currently have functionality to extend the time of showing the message in the library at this time. And since we are currently divesting from the message functionality this would likely not be added.

If you are comfortable with downloading the unminimized version of the library, and doing a change (loading your own version), you could alter the library to display the in-app after X delay. You can see the line of code that shows it here after an event:

Do note that the issue could be that the user navigates away from the page before it is shown, in which case the event would never be shown, but if you have a single page app, it is likely not an issue.