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Troubleshooting email message delivery

  • 7 November 2019
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Troubleshooting email message delivery
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When you set up an email message on Mixpanel, but you suspect that the email didn’t reach one of your users, follow these steps to narrow down what could be happening.


  1. Check that the message in question is active (check that Sending is turned ON)

    • If your email message is not active, search for it in the Messages section and toggle Sending to ON.
    • If your email message is active, go to the next step.
  2.  Check if you have verified ownership of your reply-to email address. Mixpanel requires you to verify ownership before it starts sending emails. You will see the "PENDING VERIFICATION" message in the Sending column for any messages that are paused due to the verification requirement.
    • If you haven’t verified your email address, take a look at our Required Verification for Email help article.

    • If you already verified your reply email address, check out the next step.

  3. Check that you are collecting $email. You must set this property (with the $) in your user profiles if you want to send emails.

    • If you are not setting this property in your user profiles, or if you are collecting email addresses under a different user profile property name, Mixpanel will not be able to deliver emails to your users. Recommendation: review your implementation and make changes necessary to set $email as a profile property. Here’s an example of how you set the $email property:

    • If you see $email in your profiles and you are collecting email addresses for your users, go to the next step.

  4. Check that the user in question meets the target criteria INCLUDING the default filters that apply to ALL EMAIL MESSAGES:

    • If a user meets any of the filtered criteria above (for example, if they unsubscribed, and therefore have $unsubscribed = True in their profile; or if they have a Bounce Category property in their profile), then they won’t be able to receive emails. To read more on Bounce Categories, check out this help article here.

    • If the user in question meets your targeting criteria, go to the next step.

  5.  Check the Mixpanel status page for possible delays (look under Notifications). If there are no delays, go to the next step.
  6. Check your Mixpanel plan limit. Mixpanel users on free account that can send email messages are limited to 150,000 messages per month. Emails sent in excess of this limit will not be delivered.

  7. Check your spam folder or ask the end-user that is not receiving the email to check their spam folder.

  8. Wait 30 minutes. An email message can take up to 30 minutes (usually takes less though) to go out. So if you just created a message or just activated it, it could be in the process of being sent.


This list covers the majority of email message issues, if you are still stuck, share in Community or ask the Mixpanel team.


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