Targeting based on a preceding message while it is still in Draft

  • 18 November 2019
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I am creating a message chain, where later messages are sent in several days after the preceding one.

While a sooner message is in Draft, it isn't auto-suggested when targeting the later message by event Message Sent with event property Message = %preceding message%

I still can type it in manually, but not sure if it will bind the condition to the proper preceding message or won't work at all after the messages from the chain leave the Draft.

Any best practices or workarounds for this?

2 replies

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Hey @cubez,

I am a bit confused on this. What I am getting is that you want to send a chain of messages based on a message sent before. However, since one message is in a draft, it is not showing up as an event to target on your target criteria? If so, message sent events are created when the actual message has been sent. Thus would not be an event to select from. If this is not the case, mind elaborating more on what is happening? I can try to help out :)

However, I do get a sense that it might be useful to have something that could create a path for users to qualify for certain pre set messages? I think this could be an idea to share because the only thing that comes to mind is their campaigns.


@shawn.barrett, sorry for the confusion! I get it that until the previous messages are sent, the following dependent messages won't be sent either.

But, for any Active message (even not yet sent) I its name is auto-suggested for target criteria of the dependent message (Message Sent ... where Message equals "%previous_message%").

When all the chain's messages are Draft - no such auto-suggestion. So I wonder if manually copy'n'pasting the message name will correctly bind the following message to the previous one, or I must update that part of the target criteria once all the messages become Active?