Send message on a condition between 6AM to 6PM

I want to send messages on a specific action like if someone contacts the user.


But I don’t want to send the messages to the users during their nighttime so they are not disturbed and the message should be delivered at 6AM their time (or fixed time might work too).


Let me know if I can achieve this in mixpanel

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Hi Affan! 

In your delivery settings, for daily, weekly and monthly Messages, you can specify the time of day to send the message as the specific timezone of the user. Below, I have a message set to send Daily at 11:29 AM for whatever timezone my user is in.

However, this type of scheduling doesn’t appear to be available for messages being sent “As Criteria is Met”. This would be something for you to consider when creating your message. 

@Cara Thanks for the response!

As I shared the scenario above that I need it based on a criteria i.e when a customer contacts you but not during sleep hours.


Let me know if this is doable



@Affan You can set your Targeting Criteria for a Message to be a certain event but I don’t think you can filter for that event to have happened during a specific time of day. 

In other words, you can set the targeting criteria for a “Contacted Support” event but you can’t filter it for “Contacted Support” events that occurred between 6 AM to 6 PM.

You can set your targeting criteria for “Contacted Support” events that occurred between two different dates but it can’t be as granular as by the hour. 

I hope that makes sense! You can learn more about messaging with the following Help Center articles: