Segment integration and Web In-App Messages

  • 2 June 2020
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I am currently using Mixpanel with Segment for my analytics. 

I am trying to setup Mixpanel such that when Segment identifies a logged in user and send the data to Mixpanel, I want an in-app message to popup.

Is it possible to do this? Or can I only do this when I am using the Mixpanel SDK directly and not through Segment?

1 reply

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@developarvin —


You should be able to use in-app messages if you have setup Segment using their "device mode" connection type:

This is meant to also include our SDK along with theirs. For iOS and Web, that should be all that is needed, but for Android, you will also want to declare our class in the manifest as covered here:

From there, the best way to set this message up is to specify a specific user action that triggers the in-app message to pop up. 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!