Push notification not working for android devices


Even after fcm server key and devicetoken in $android_device manually , we are unable to send push notification to our users. i've tried everything but still could not succeed.

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I am encountering the same problem as well.

The push tokens are successfully unioned into the user profile.

We also tested the token to be working by copying the token from mixpanel, then use: to send them out.

Can any admin shed some light on how to troubleshoot this further?

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Hey @duttaprem and @daniel.ho -

Are you seeing specific errors?

Or, are not seeing the push in the expected device?

  • Can you search the device token in Explore to see if more than one profile shows up? It is important to note that Mixpanel messages will only send once to each device. So even if the device is on two qualifying profiles, it will only get sent once.
  • How are you targeting these users? Can you use this targeting in Explore to see which profiles show up?

Or, are you not seeing a Message sent event in the user's activity feed or in your Message analytics?

I hope this helps point you in the right direction!




Hi Donna,

May I know if we can do this through email? Please email me at daniel.ho(at)

It might be better for me to attach images as the questions you have provided would be easily cleared up when I send you the images from my dashboard.

I will post the solutions back on this thread if my case gets resolved.



i have done everything still it has not been fixed.
Please guide me how to send push notificationn to android users.

which one is the correct format ?

prop.put("$android_devices" , "[\""+tokein+"\"]")

example: ["eGWrDoqwrZY:APA91bHHuASDi7u2VfBEVKsgKNtxma1bKqO90uq41uLav9oF59j8wuFjM0tNmRTk61PzvLadV4-3WNjo26Uf2lXt7vzZlgpcBTPoNEwd2veVc7E-6tDXCqFI5inmlle92_c3C3dg1bhc"]


prop.put("$android_devices" , "["+tokein+"]")

example: [eGWrDoqwrZY:APA91bHHuASDi7u2VfBEVKsgKNtxma1bKqO90uq41uLav9oF59j8wuFjM0tNmRTk61PzvLadV4-3WNjo26Uf2lXt7vzZlgpcBTPoNEwd2veVc7E-6tDXCqFI5inmlle92_c3C3dg1bhc]

i tried both methods but still it's not working.
please fix it asap.

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Hi @duttaprem -

Have you already followed this guide? Can you clarify which step you are stuck in?

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@daniel.ho and @donna.stephenson -

To best help the community, please answer questions within threads instead of diverting to email.

@daniel.ho, does your issue have any of the symptoms that @donna.stephenson listed out? I'd love to get a better understanding of what you are experiencing.

Thank you,



I am using an isolated testing environment with 1 registered device to test.

I am targeting one specific device. I have looked at that article u have linked, and it is totally not related to my point. I am not receiving push notifications. Nothing to do with tracking.

I have tested the same procedure on iOS, and it is working. I have tested the android push token retrieved from mix panel against FCM test messaging tool and it is sending notifications to my phone as well. I have tested the android push token retrieved from mix panel against and managed to receive notifications on my phone as well. All is working except using send notifications through mixpanel.


I have also never gotten it to work properly. Tried months ago and it never worked, saw there was a library update specifically for the implementation via Firebase so I tried again with this new version, still nothing.

Sent so many emails to support and no luck at all.

Works fine from firebase but no users show up in mixpanel filters. Ive tried setting up additional steps like default channels but still nothing.

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From your screenshot it looks like you have sent the message successfully from Mixpanel, meaning that you were successfully able to target your profile through Mixpanel Messages, and "Message Sent" is populating in your reports.

You mentioned that you received notifications on your device - does this mean that the message was delivered and you saw it on your device? Were these messages sent via Mixpanel?

Do you mind elaborating on this part, "All is working except using send notifications through mixpanel." What in particular are you unable to do in Mixpanel right now?

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@NicoGlance -

Here is a general guide on debugging push notifications, but I would love to get youa more tailored solution. Can you tell me more about the specific issue that you are running into?

You mentioned that "no users show up in mixpanel filters" which sounds like you are having trouble targeting profiles when you build a Mixpanel Message - is that correct?

  1. Do the users targeted have push tokens in the $ios_devices or $android_devices properties?

    • If there is no push token, then we can’t send a push to the user.
    • If push notifications aren’t reaching a user with one of these properties in their profile, Check:

      • Push tokens are stored as strings in a list property

      • If any other profiles shares the push tokens (if multiple profiles share one push token, then the notification sent event will appear on the profile that was eligible for the notification. The push open event (or any other events the user actually did) could appear on a different profile.

  2. Is the $ios_devices property an empty list?

    • You can check this by filtering for $ios_devices is set and is $ios_devices is false

    • If ios_devices property an empty list, APNS has indicated that the push tokens on the profile were no longer valid. This can happen if the user uninstalled their app, or if the certificate uploaded to the project does not match the certificate used to generate the push token. These possibilities are documented here.

  3. Are the tokens valid?

Please let me know what you are specifically working on and we can dive deeper into the possibilities of what may be going on.

- Cherise


Facing same issue but in iOS. I posted a question HERE. Hope someone help!

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Hi @Parth I sent a recommendation on your question. Hope it helps!


Did you fix that, I have same issue. I can receive the push notification via firebase console. But I could not receive from mixpanel, even though it showed Message sent and using same device token.

@cherise_Mixpanel Team Any ideas?

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Hi @lilosir! Have you seen Mixpanel's Push Token Management for Inactive or Invalid tokens article? This could shed some light on to why in Mixpanel it says it has been sent but it actually has failed silently. Also, in this post Luis shared more information when using Firebase vs Mixpanel. Hope this helps!

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Hi @lilosir -

As @travis.lockwood mentioned, the first article will be helpful for inactive or invalid tokens.

If you are using iOS, then it is important to point out that Mixpanel doesn't have support for FCM tokens and iOS devices, but I would encourage you to post this as an Idea so we can log a product gap on your behalf.

If you are using Android, then you will want to confirm that you are using the most updated Library.