New account - can I send messages?

  • 1 October 2020
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Current Mixpanel user on different accounts.

Setting up account for new company and can’t see anywhere to send emails/push from.


Has this functionality been removed from new accounts?


I can’t see any documentation on this being removed, but also can’t see it on the pricing plans. 





1 reply

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@h1h100 — Yes, this is no longer available for new accounts. In the spirit of transparency, the reason that you are unable to see this in new accounts is because we are no longer investing in our Messages & Experiments feature, and it is no longer available anymore to new customers.

We made this decision so that we can focus all of our resources on product analytics. This has always been Mixpanel's foundation, and before long, every company in the world will be using this technology. We see near-limitless opportunity for making analysis simpler, faster and more powerful, and are excited about the capabilities we can unlock for our customers by dedicating all of our time here.

To take action on your data via messages, we recommend pairing Mixpanel’s product analytics with engagement marketing from one of our partners. Our preferred messaging partners Airship, Insider, Iterable, Leanplum, MoEngage, OneSignal all have strong bi-directional integrations with Mixpanel, and more partners can be found on our Integrations Directory.