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  • 6 October 2020
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Hi folks!

We are trying to do some in-app messaging for both our iOS and Android mobile apps. I can find plenty of docs on implementing IAMs, but unable to find any creative specs for our designers to work off of. Does one exist? Can someone share something like this?

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@GriffB —

I saw that you were working with our support team, but in case anyone is stumbling on this question I’d like to share the information publicly as well. 

Here are some specs for the standard out of the box message:

Regular In-app

  • Images - image size limits for in-app messages are 524 x 700; however, we have found that images bigger than 449 x 600 may end up being cropped.  Additionally, we also generally recommend that you make sure that you maintain a 3:4 aspect ratio on any image you upload--these can be in .PNG, .BMP, or .JPG format.
  • Title Text - Box will allow up to 50 characters
  • Subtext - Box will allow up to 90 characters
  • Button - auto-resizes and will allow up to 25 characters.
    • If you have secondary button each will allow for up to 12 characters

Mini In-app

  • Can choose icon from drop-down list
  • Text - up to 90 characters allowed

Choosing the custom option in the theme will give you the most control over what you message looks like.  Currently we do not really have any way outside of what is available in the Message Builder UI to customize our mobile in-app messages, but with our web in-app messages you can use CSS to customize things .  

All that said, I would highly recommend testing these messages before sending them to verify things are appears in a manner that you are satisfied with.  Some of these character limits (especially in the title and sub text) are seemingly much greater than what can be comfortably displayed in the message and could lead to some parts being cut off.