Is it possible to send custom aggregated data in push notifications?

  • 7 August 2019
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Let's hypothetically say that I have 3 users, and an app where users can buy different quantities of only 1 product, product X.

User 1 buys 3 PCEs of X

User 2 buys 2 PCEs of X

User 3 buys 1 PCE of X

I want to configure only 1 recurring push notification message, that will congratulate the user on their first purchase. Say that the user event i is "purchaseCompleted", it has a property "Quantity" and value of the property is PCEs purchased.

I want to configure 1 recurring push notification message the first time user makes a purchase, and it will say "Congratulations, you have now made your first purchase, consisting of {N} PCEs of X", where {N} can be either 1, 2 or 3 depending on which user it is.

Is this possible in Mixpanel, and how is it done?


2 replies

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Hey @salman! With Mixpanel's Dynamic Content you can add customizable content to your push messages. To read more on how to target people properties in your messages, take a look at their Add Dynamic Content Article here.

One thing to note, Dynamic properties can only reference people properties (not event properties), as there is only a single instance of that people property in your project per user (as opposed to event properties, which may be different across the many events that your users perform).

With that said, it's always possible to update your implementation to send an event property to Mixpanel as a people property as well to enable access to it in your push notifications -- you can find some more details about setting people properties in their documentation here. Once you have the event data set a people property, you should be able to target in when you are composing your push notification.

Lastly, you can take a look at their Send a Push Notification and Recurring Messages article to help you set up targeting criteria for targeting users (Ex: Users who did Purchase event at least one time in the last X Days), and delivery settings for setting up your recurring message.

Hope this helps you get started!

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Thank you , it solved my problem!