Is it possible for the same user to receive multiple push notification variants?

  • 31 July 2019
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When engaging users with notifications, I have found that it is best to change up the copy every time the same notification is sent. This keeps the copy interesting and users more engaged. To achieve this, I setup a push notification message with 4 variants. Every time a reminder is sent to a user, I would like the variant to be selected at random so that they don't know what they are going to get. I do not want the variant to stay the same every time a notificatio is sent to the same user. Do you have any idea how I can accomplish this?

2 replies

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Hey @telemarkus, I can see why you'd expect different messages to be sent each day on variants. However, Messages is going to deliver the same message variant for as long as the user qualifies for a given message.

I think for what you are trying to achieve, you'd want to create multiple recurring messages that targeted users based on the "Message Sent" event and specifically used one variant or another to determine who should receive the next message.

For example, in the following image I chose the targeting filters of an email address and the "Message Sent" event with a particular variant and chose the OR option regarding what filters must be true for a user.

You could do something similar for the first message in the chain you want to send, and set a property in your user profiles to indicate they were part of a special group. Then for the message on the following day, you could set filters that pertained to the variant a user received exclusively.

Lastly, in their View Messages Sent By Variant article they share how to see what users have gotten variant message in the Explore report.

Hope this helps get to your goal!


Thank you for the thoughtful response. I ended up creating multiple 'Messages' with different copy using the same trigger but slightly different send times. I then set the delivery settings to Limit = 1 for each, so that users would not receive the same copy more than once. Worked fine for my needs.