In-App Web Notifications - Event Based Trigger

  • 29 April 2019
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I'm trying to trigger a In-App web notification which will be triggered by an event type. When creating a new message and selecting 'Now' on the 'Delivery Settings' when clicking save it then changes to 'Later Date'.

Then in the Messages dashboard the schedule is set to 'within 30 minutes, when criteria is met'.

The required use case is that the Message would be triggered the same second the event was triggered by a user - what is wrong here + is this a valid use case?

3 replies

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Hey @support thanks for sharing your implantation! Being that you are trying to target an event based In-App, I have a follow up question. Were you able to update your SDK?


Thanks @frank_bryant! I looked on our implementation and everything looks to be configured correctly but it is still not working.

When a user is signed up or login we call:

  1. mixpanel.identify(user.username);

(we do not hold anonymous browsers so no need to use alias()..) and the in-app trigger event is triggered with

mixpanel.track(event, {'feature':feature,'type':type});
  1. mixpanel.track(event, {'feature':feature,'type':type});

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Hey @support! I was able to take a look at this in my own project. I created a web In-App, set it to the targeting criteria of "Now", and saved it. When I went back to look at the "Targeting Criteria", it did change to the date and time of when I saved it. I believe this makes sense since the date and time was the correct now date/time I saved it in.

For your other question, I was looking at their In-App article and it states, "If a message is available for the current user that they haven't already seen, it will be displayed immediately (typically less than 60 seconds) in an overlay view." So if your users should get their In-App message right away as long as it meets that Targeting Criteria and they haven't seen it before. I was able test it for my web In-App and it also worked. Is it working for you? If not, the article did share that if there is implementation errors with Mixpanel.Identify() then this could cause it not to work (section here) or may require a SDK update for event triggered In-apps (section here).

Hope this helps you out!