Implementing push notifications for Flutter app

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi folks,


We’re trying to implement Mixpanel’s push notifications within our Flutter app. We mostly use the Flutter framework with some parts of the app made with native languages in Kotlin and Swift. Since there’s no official Flutter SDK, we track events via Mixpanel HTTP tracking API.

Now the question is: what methods are there for our app to send push notifications on Mixpanel?

It’d be great if you could share any insights, tips, other ways to integrate Mixpanel within our app, which doesn’t use native (Android/iOS) SDKs, so that we can send out push notifications to users.


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Since some parts of your app are made with native languages including Swift, could you implement with the Mixpanel swift SDK?

It is currently not possible to use Mixpanel Messages if you are only tracking via HTTP because  that SDK isn’t set up to gather any of the necessary mobile tokens that are required for messaging.