How to send push notifications if using Mixpanel through Segment?

  • 25 July 2019
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I have an app developed with React Native and Expo. Thanks to Expo's versatility I connected it with Segment and this one with Mixpanel. This works like a charm.

But now I need to use the benefits of Mixpanel's Notifications but don't know how nor where to start.

Any hints?


1 reply

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Hey @bochenn. I personally havent used Segment.... I know that Mixpanel if currently working on creating an SDK for React Native but does not one yet.

You might already know this but one popular wrapper for react native is Also, Mixpanel has developed a JS library, which you can find documented here. It's designed for web implementations, but you may be able to apply some of it's functionality to track events in your React Native mobile app. This article, while framed in the context of using the JS library in a Cordova-based mobile app, discusses some important things I'd recommend considering when adapting the JS library for use on mobile devices. It's important to note that the JS library is not configured to support some mobile functionality that relies on native methods, including the ability to deliver push messages.

To set up support for push, then, you might consider looking into using React Native's "Native Modules" -- this could allow you to download the source code of Mixpanel's SDKs and try to make the necessary modifications to use it for implementing support for push.

Here's some documentation on that:

Hopefully this helps, not sure if there might be some work arounds needed with your integration with Segment.