How to create cohort of underperforming new users?

  • 26 June 2020
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I’m trying to build a drip campaign that encourages new customers to complete event_A once they’ve signed up (ie, performed the event sign_up). The idea is to send 3 messages:

  1. Send message_1 to all new users within 30 minutes of signing up
  2. At signup date + 2 days, send message_2 to all new users who haven’t completed event_A
  3. At signup date + 9 days, send message_3 to all new users who haven’t completed event_A 

Message 1 is easy: I can send the message to “users that did sign_up equal to 1 time in the last 30 minutes”

I’m getting hung up on the cohorts I need to build in order to send messages 2 and 3. 

In plain language, the cohort is defined as users that did sign_up and did not do event_A within 2 days after date of sign_up

But I’m not quite sure how to implement this. Do I use rolling dates? What would happen if the cohort were “sign_up in the last 14 days and did not perform event_A in the last 12 days”? Is that better? 

All help is appreciated. 

2 replies

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Hi @aaron 

I think your logic here is definitely what we would advise, as you can use Cohorts to ring fence the specific dates you want to use. You can even select a specific starting date for your Cohort and make it 14 days before today, and then select it as a rolling range to ensure it keeps moving forward and collecting new users.


One other piece of advice I have is that you can use the fact you are sending messages to users as a way to group and target your users within Cohorts. Once your message has been sent out you have a “Message Sent” event within your project. You can add this criteria to your Cohort “Signed up, did not do event x, and also received my message” to make sure you are targeting the right users in your campaign.


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That’s more or less what we figured out.  To send a message on signup + 7 days, we created a cohort of (A) users who signed up on June 25 (rolling), which is seven days prior to today AND (B) users who did not do the key action in the last 7 days.