How to change the subject of a recurring message?

  • 2 July 2020
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How can i change the subject of a recurring email? I want to send the exact same email every 4 days, maximun 5 times but i want to change the subject each time.

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Hi @Montse 


This isn’t something that is specifically possible within Messages, as a recurring email is assumed to always want to be the same, and always want to have the same topic/subject.


However, there is a solution. What you can do is create your first email message with subject 1, and schedule it to send to your users. Then duplicate that message, now called message 2, and go into target criteria. Now you can use our Message Sent event to add a criteria to your targeting to say “Send to these users, as long as they’ve received message 1” this would be written as “Users who have done Message Sent where Message = Message 1”. This means they can only receive Message 2 once they’ve received Message 1. You can then create Message 3 and set the criteria as “Once received Message 1 and 2” and so on.


I’ll admit this is a workaround, but once set up it would work perfectly.