How often will a user receive a daily message if it is sent 'At Least 1 Day Apart'?

  • 29 July 2019
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My app has a reminder that is sent daily at 10am. I would like user to receive this every other day. Should I select 'At Least 1 Day Apart' or 'At Least 2 Day Apart' for the frequency of the message sent. To me 'At Least 1 Day Apart' could mean that the message is sent every day or every other day depending on how that window is measured. Let me know how I should interpret this.

Thank you for your help!

3 replies

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Hi @telemarkus! Can you share how you are currently setting up your message and what type of message it is?

I know that you can set the Delivery Settings for the message to Send Daily . However under the Target criteria you can get a bit more custom where you can put

1. Event Daily Reminder was less than 2 days ago AND

2. Event Daily Reminder was NOT IN the last 1 days

This will target exactly one day after user did x event. Hopefully this helps get to what you are looking for!


Hi Linda,

Thanks for your reply. My message is setup with this criteria...

- Sent Daily @10:30am

- Frequency at least 1 day apart

I am just not sure when the 1 day is measured from. If it is measured anytime after 10:30am, I assume the message might not qualify for the next day at 10:30am. But the following day instead.

I tested this and I think this was the case.



That definitely looks like another good way to get what I want. Thanks!