How do you measure email performance?

  • 25 June 2020
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I usually setup a ‘Control group’ and then check how many times a specific event is fired after ‘Email Sent’ and compare results of both original and control group

Is this the most effective way to check performance?


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Hi @Faisal Khushnood! Thanks for sharing this question. 


I like your approach. When I think about this it comes down to a few things — are you measuring performance based on the impact of the message? or are you measuring performance by the click through rate? (message opened). 


If you are measuring impact, I think your approach is great. Are you using a Funnel for this? If your sample size is large enough, I would use the Funnel report to measure the conversion after ‘Email Sent’ and break it down by the variant to see the differences in conversion for the control and the variable.