How can I stop a message campaign after the trial???

  • 18 March 2019
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I tried mixpanel with my app and set up some campaigns. Now that the trial is finished, my user still receive the message, but I don't have acces to the campaign management anymore, how can I just STOP it??


1 reply

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Hi @hkinet -

When a Mixpanel project exceeds their people profile limit a block is applied — this block prompts you to upgrade to a new plan, or delete existing user profiles to get below your profile limit.

To avoid unwanted interruptions in your recurring messages, we designed messages to stay turned on, even when this block is applied.

To gain access into your account write into support and select the first category: Mixpanel inaccessible (login issues, UI errors, outage).

From there you can either turn off your campaign, or delete profiles to continue using Mixpanel Messages.

I hope this helps!

- Cherise