Ensuring all users see my messages

  • 4 September 2019
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Hi there, I've set up in app messages, it says 300 people will see this message, only 58 have so far, I presume that's because they have opened the app. However, when I open the app I don't see the message. Any ideas?

1 reply

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Hi @inboundthings,

From my understanding, by default, mobile in-app messages show up immediately when the app loads and the target criteria is met.

I've had a lot of testing with mobile in-apps and some things I have learned I wanted to share below.

- check that you have the latest version of mixpanel installed on your app.

- make sure you are identifying your users on the app (which sounds like you are since 58 people got your in-app)

- If the message is a one time message and you have already received it, it most like will not show up again when you load the app.

- Make sure you closing the app completely and then re open it when testing the in-app

I found this mobile in-app and web-in-app article pretty usefully when setting up in-apps. I hope my tips are helpful with trouble shooting your message!