Emails quality in the User Base

  • 29 June 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi Mixpanellers,

I noticed some issues with my user profiles base: it contains a lot of duplicates of email addresses ($distinct_id are uniques, though), and some bad emails, please watch my picture:

Recently I had talk with Cherise, she gave me some advices on how to update my user base to fix it, thank you Cherise!

I know, in most cases it’s my responsibility on having these bad emails (front-end validation, cleaning CSV before importing, etc.), but what I would really like to have, is a kind of warning from the Mixpanel on these bad emails, so I can correct or delete these on the early stages, before penetrating into the user base.


I believe, some issues can be even auto-corrected by Mixpanel!


So, my question is how do you keep your User Base in good quality, do you bother of it at all?

And a suggestion to Mixpanel, can you implement/propose some tools on keeping the User Base in good quality?

1 reply

Thanks for bringing this up, AlexK. We’d like to scrub our email list and I’m having a hard time finding out through Mixpanel support the best way to do this. Email validation, especially bad emails/formatting, would be a great feature for Mixpanel to implement. 


Anyone else out there been able to scrub their User emails successfully?