Email Editor - Mobile view doesn't work when using the editor

  • 9 October 2019
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When using the new email drag 'n drop editor, mobile view doesn't work.

All emails appear in the same way on mobile as they do on desktop.

Screenshots attached show one html email vs one editor email, both viewed on a phone.

What am I doing wrong?


5 replies

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Hey @flip2000,

It sounds like you are creating an email via your own custom HTML and another on the drag and drop builder. However when you send the HTML email and Drag and Drop Email, they both look about the same when you look at them via the mobile app? If so, I think this is expected behavior unless you changed the appearance settings in the mobile view.

You might have seen this, but in the Email Drag and Drop Builder there is a Mobile View option under Appearance you can alter. Read more on it here ( - I have also attached a screenshot to help you find the setting under appearance. This might help your email view change and adapt to a mobile view better.

Hopefully this helps with your issue view issue!


Hi @amanda.chalmers,

Thanks for your answer, but the issue is actually exactly the opposite. As you can see in the attachments, the drag-and-drop email doesn't apply a mobile view when viewed on a mobile.

Mixpanel support are ignoring my question, so I've been stuck for 2 weeks...



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@flip2000 Can you clarify by what you mean by opposite? I am understanding that the Drag and Drop email does not look well on mobile view. To alter the email view to mobile in the Drag and Drop Builder, you would need to edit the view under Appearance -> Mobile View.


"The opposite" as in, the emails show differently (as you can see in the screenshots) when they should look the same. ie the mobile font shouldn't be reduced on mobile.

The good news is that this has now been resolved. It seems like the issue was with the email client I was using (proton mail). I was trying to double check with Gmail but none of the test emails would ever arrive at my gmail account, so that wasn't helpful.

Thanks for your help!

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Good to hear!