distinct_id is not merged in the URL of In-app notification

  • 25 January 2020
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Has anyone tried merging distinct_id into the URL of In-app notification? Like this:



This help article shows that it works, it also works for me with {{$name}} or other default properties, but distinct_id just leaves an empty space in the resulting URL.


I've tried different syntax as per article: {{$distinct_id}} and {{${$distinct_id}}}, neither works.

3 replies

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I don’t think you can access distinct id by default.

I would add a custom people property with the value. 

Also you can use the API to run through all your people and copy the distinct id in a people property 

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Hey @cubez, I believe the distinct_id might not be reachable automatically as a user property to target in messages.

You might need to set the distinct_id as a user property first to be able to target it in the messages. For example, if you have stored the username as a user property, you would be able to target them on your messages. Examples here on how to set user properties

I see how this can be confusing since each user can get a distinct_id assigned to them already but I hope this helps you out!

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Thanks for the hint, @willyv, however, I got distinct_id merged into email messages just OK.

Hence, the question why it doesn't work for in-app pop-up. I've sent this question to support as well, response pending.