Deep-linking from Email

  • 19 September 2019
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Is it possible to deep-link to an app(Ios/Android) from the emails that can be sent through Mixpanel?

1 reply

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Hey @JohByr, it sounds like you want to deep link in an email in case they open their email via mobile and can direct them to your ios/andriod app? If so, it is possible to configure a custom URL that directs your users to somewhere in your app and include it in your Mixpanel email.

I recommend that you include a link to your site that links to this custom URL (instead of a link that sends a user directly to your app), as most email providers will strip these Custom URLs preventing your users from clicking on a valid link that brings them to your app.

With deeplinking via an email message, if the user tries to open it via a device that does not have the app installed, the link would fail. It may be helpful then to set up some logic on the receiving URL to detect the device type, and direct users to a different page in case they are not on a mobile device when they click on the link.

If you're trying to link the users to your app via a message, I'd recommend instead using a push notification to ensure that users are directed to the appropriate view in your app. If you've already configured the custom URL, you'd just need to pass the deeplink in as a JSON key in your message that your app, in turn, can parse and handle. If you choose to go down this route, I would refer to this guide on deeplinking in Mixpanel notifications:

Hopes this helps achieve what you are looking for!