Allow us to send emails from a custom email domain

  • 13 February 2019
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The documentation walks through how to setup DKIM to validate emails being sent from a non-mixpanel domain, but no where in settings is there the option of setting the send email address (you can set reply-to but the sender still shows as

Also, the documentation doesn't make it clear how to properly setup SPF (what name does the TXT go under?).

3 replies

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@travisbloom -

Mixpanel requires that you add a public DKIM key to your DNS settings to get rid of the 'via datadrivenemail' text in your emails.

Here is a helpful article to give you more background on how to set up DKIM — The exact steps for altering your DNS settings differ for each provider.

As an example, instructions for a Rackspace provider can be seen here.

Once the DKIM key has been set I would recommend checking it with the dig +short txt command as mentioned in our help article (be sure to change to your domain). It can take some time (up to 24 hours) for the DNS settings to take effect so it is a good idea to try some test emails before sending to customers.

Hope this helps!


Hi, got the same problem as travis. We set the DKIM i SPF and still e-mails are send by Where in the mixpanel we should set the correct e-mail to be send from ? @john.austin

@travisbloom did you resolve the issue?

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@piotr Sometimes it can take hours to days for it get verified. I am curious to know when did you set up your DKIM & SPF?