Welcome to The Master Mixpanel in 30 Days Course!

  • 2 September 2020
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Thanks for joining the Master Mixpanel in 30 days course, before we start I want to ask you to take a moment to introduce yourself to the group by replying to this post with:

  • Your role
  • What you want to achieve in the 30 days

For BONUS POINTS send me a private message inside community or by email with your KPIs or focus metrics for the current period.

This course is designed for you to go at your own pace within the 30 days, through emails, QBQ posts and weekly office hours you can learn in a way that suits you within a supportive community of others doing the same!

We begin on Monday 7th so please be sure to say hi before then. 

11 replies

Hello :raising_hand_tone1:
I’m Menna, I’m a UX Designer at almatar OTA.
By the end of this course, I want to be able to utilize Mixpanel’s features to generate reports and insights.

Hello I am Ahmed Osman, Head of Marketing at MoneyFellows App.


I would like to use Mixpanel to cover the following:


  1. Optimizing User funnel
  2. Create automated flow based on user life cycle
  3. Validate figures as compared to other platforms
  4. Communicate with users via PN, emails and inapp messaging



Hi Jaz! I am the product manager of fuse.io. My goal is to learn how to track user behavior on our website and app.

Hello, I am Sreenath. UX designer at Housinganywhere.
My goal is to learn to analyze user behavior and organize the insights, that will help in validating the ideas and design decisions.

Hey Jaz,


I am a Consultant for Bitrefill in Brazil, I am new to MixPanel and what it can do. So I want to learn what I can and then see what suits better Brazil and what I do contribute to Bitrefill's growth in Brazil


Hi everyone,

My name is Gino Arendsz and I’m a Growth PO at HousingAnywhere and thus a colleague of Sreenath! I would like to learn:

  • how to uncover power users in both sides of our marketplace.
  • how to leverage the retention functionalities.
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My name is Robin, I’m head of growth at Swapcard, an event app for virtual and in-person events.

I would like to learn:

  • what makes my user convert
  • how to use flows to discover path that lead to conversion


I am Iftikhar Waheed. I head the Product team at Cloudways.

I'd like to learn how to use mixpanel to 

  • Improve our customer onboarding journey
  • Monitor and improve platform performance
  • Use in built messaging to communicate with customers



Hi everyone,


My name is Warren and I am a product manager, working on the launch of a new SaaS product for SMEs.


I would like to enhance my skills in Mixpanel to:

  • understand user engagement
  • optimize user funnels
  • effectively represent app engagement in reports


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Thank you to everyone who shared their goals and KPIs, the first module of the course is now live in the group and you have been invited to the optional office hours. I hope to meet you soon!


My name is Caitlyn. I am apart of the customer success team at my company. We are looking for analytics on how our customers engage in our app based product. We have a few launches in queue.

I want to be masterful in MixPanel when it comes to: 

insights reports, flows so that we can later construct funnels and analyze the data.

Thank you! Im excited to learn!