Who's Who? Meet Your Mixpanel Team

  • 15 June 2022
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Who's Who? Meet Your Mixpanel Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a team to support you at Mixpanel. We genuinely believe in our value of one team and you will find several roles in your journey with us that support you to success. Here’s the lowdown of them all and conversations you should be having with them and their favourite part of their role.


Support engineer

This is the person who provides reactive troubleshooting and escalation steps. If a customer runs into any problems or has any questions about Mixpanel, the support team is their first resource. We also escalate bugs to the engineering team, and advocate for feature requests to the product team. They are available for anything related to problem-solving. If you have a question about why your data looks unusual, how to export or import data in Mixpanel, or a general question about how a feature works, they are the main point of contact. They are product experts, so our conversations revolve around sharing that expertise to help the customer achieve their end goal.

“Getting to work with a variety of customers, seeing all the ways they use Mixpanel, and getting to advocate for them so that we can create and improve upon a product they love!” - Natalia Korpanty, Support Team Lead

“Being able to transform the way that customers understand the product and data analytics in general. I often get to show customers an entirely new way of thinking about, collecting, and analyzing their data, which is incredibly rewarding!” —Emma Janiszewski, Support Engineer I


Account Executive

Our Account Executives (or AE for short) help potential customers understand the core value of Mixpanel through a series of calls ranging from discovery, demo, proof of concept and competitive differentiators. They help advise them on the correct plan usage and ultimately guide them through the purchasing process. They are always down to talk use cases, best practices, onboarding, proof of concept, product analytics landscape, tech stack, pricing, competitive positioning and your product analytics wish-list.

“Helping companies solve problems and overcome hurdles that are preventing them from growing their business and being able to do their jobs effectively. Given we work with so many different types of customers I oftentimes get the opportunity to educate/share knowledge from my experience in working with similar companies. Both of which, make me feel like I’m genuinely providing value to companies that come to Mixpanel.” - Christa Traverso, Account Executive


Relationship manager


This is the person who is customers’ main point of contact responsible for the long term health and success of the account, if you have one, you’ll have a specific person. The Relationship Manager (or RM for short) will delegate the right resources to ensure that you are getting the most value out of Mixpanel, such as introducing a CSM, looping in a Solutions Engineer, being the middle-person for the support team, etc. They also ensure the customer is healthy, active and engaged, supported commercially, avoiding overages, upgrading when necessary, downgrading when applicable, expanding into other business units and teams, and overall winning the hearts and minds of the customers and users.

You can always discuss renewing your contract, upgrading or downgrading, usage limitations, introducing add-on features (Data Pipelines, Group Analytics), getting other teams to use Mixpanel, general usage overviews, commercially-oriented questions (start date, contract length, etc.) and any further Mixpanel resource to suit your current needs (Customer success manager, Solution Architect, Implementation Manager etc.) during regular check in calls or conversations.

“By far my favorite part of the Relationship Management role are the relationships themselves, which includes connecting with people, getting them excited to utilize the tool to overall better their business, having casual conversations (sometimes hard conversations), but in the end, everybody wins as you get the opportunity to grow alongside your customer base!” - Jake B., Relationship Manager

“I love having a new challenge, use case, or customer to interact with every day/week. The role never get’s boring and keeps you on your feet. I also enjoy seeing customers journey’s in Mixpanel and helping them reach their growth potential while driving value and nurturing relationships.” - Alex B, Relationship Manager


Customer Success Manager


This is the person who drives adoption of Mixpanel across your teams. This is by delivering product training to any and all users as required, advising on analytics strategy, and helping you get the most of your data. They are always down to discuss anything Mixpanel related, product questions like “what does this report mean?, what should I be doing with data?, and if they don’t know the answer we’ll find someone who does.

“Working with fast moving, innovative companies and their products. Helping them understand their user behaviour, guiding them through their data, and helping them drive their product forwards” - Matt, Strategic CSM

“Strategizing with customers and helping them leverage Mixpanel to reach their business goals. It’s really cool seeing customers reach their targets because of data they utilized from Mixpanel.” -Samita, CSM.


Associate Customer Success Manager

The person who ensures customers  who spend between $20-50k with us are getting the most with their Mixpanel experience through webinars or calls with customers that entail Mixpanel demos or just answering a series of product questions. Our Associate Customer Success Managers (or ACSMs). Like Customer Success Managers and Relationship Managers; if you have one, you’ll have a specific person and they are your the continued resource on all things Mixpanel. They are best fit to answer questions on best practice advice as well as how to create and interpret particular reports. While some questions may be better fit for a member of another team depending on the technicality of the question, they like to, at least, remain the main point of contact and can loop in a member of the team with the desired level of expertise when necessary!

“My favorite part of my role is building impactful relationships with Mixpanel customers and ensuring that I am providing a space to them in which they feel heard and are comfortable bringing up any areas of confusion with me.” - Lexi, Associate Customer Success Manager


Solutions Architect


This person who serves as a technical advisor. Solution Architects (or SA for short) can provide insight on APIs, data infrastructure, integrations, and how analytical goals tie to these technical pieces. Their goal is to strategize with you on how to build your data stack as it pertains to Mixpanel. Their specialty is that they’re strategic; helping you proactively, not reactively. You can talk to SA’s about development kick-offs for implementations, how to move to the modern data stack, and how to move data out of Mixpanel and anything technical involving your data.

“My favorite part of the role is working directly with a customer on a larger scale data structure project and watching it go from start to finish. It’s very clear in the reporting how impactful good data work can be.” -Scott Havard, SA


If you want to know if any of these folks support your account, leave a comment below and we’ll reach out with an intro! Otherwise, we hope this will help you make the most of the whole team.

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